What If Money Didn’t Matter?

4Boston asks this of its volunteers.

What would you do if money did not matter?

Similar to Father Himes’s Three Questions:
1. What brings you joy?
2. What are you good at? (What is that something that taps into your talents and gifts—engages all of your abilities—and uses them in the fullest way possible?)
3. What do the people around you need? (Is this role a genuine service to the people around you, to society at large.)

Thumbs Up to Getting this Blog Off the Ground

The first ever 4Boston Newsletter will be sent out in the next few days, so help us get the word out, and help us get this blog off the ground. Tell your friends and fellow 4Boston Alumni. This is a chance to share your stories and opportunities.

Email: 4Bnewsletter@gmail.com or (coming soon) 4Bnewsletter@bc.edu

We are hoping to make this blog similar to alumni facebook groups.  This way alumni across different years can be updated along with members who may not have facebook.

Any updates, article, or service opportunity can be shared with the 4B community through this blog. Please email us with suggestions or updates.  Pictures are great too!

4B Newsletter Team

Panera Cares

Panera Cares

Great article and video about the new Panera Cares that just opened in Boston, right next to Government Center.  A gift to the community where there are no prices.  You are only asked to give what you can.

This is a great opportunity for men and women who are struggling to make ends meet to get a warm and healthly meal.

Check it out and tell us about it.

Jeremy Marks

Just putting the good word out there…We have two full-time, one year fellowship positions for recent college graduates in addition to a Jesuit Volunteer working at my current job.  The applications will probably be up pretty soon for any interested and awesome seniors!  Located in Portland, OR





Email me with questions: JeremyRMarks@gmail.com

Stephen’s Update from 2012.

Hello friends and council members,
I am still at Boston College… Senior year, and having a Mod is amazing!  It goes by way to0 fast.  Class is great, but way too hard for a senior.  I have a little more free time now that I am not an RA, but I decided to be a TA this semester.  So I am TAing Analytical Chemistry… Some of the students are actually older than me, but I really enjoy teaching the kids.
Because of this, I am seriously considering applying for TFA.
Other than that I am still looking for JOB… If anyone knows of something let me know… I am currently look at:
1. Teaching
2. Consulting
3. Pharma Sales
4. Navy
4Boston is going great this year! I love my work at FHC! The hospital is amazing I have even seen a few patients already discharged which is amazing!  My group is great. Caity DiPasquale had a great group to start so it was easy. But they have really bonded.  My abroaders just returned and should be a great addition.
Council is great this year but I miss the old guys!
See you guys soon!
4B Love,